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DrHuang Directory Tree

The DrHuang Directory Tree is fast offline guide to the World Wide Web. It is catalog of websites, and looks like table of content in a book, guiding you directly jump to a web site or page without page by page. It is created by a staff of editors who visit and evaluate web sites, and then organize them into subject-based categories and sub-categories. The editors distinguish between a number of factors when organizing web sites, including commercial vs. non-commercial, regional vs. global, and so forth. All of the site listings in the Directory are contained in an appropriate place within the 15 main categories as seen on left hand side:

  1. About
  2. Arts
    1. Entertainment
  3. Business
    1. auction
  4. Computers
  5. Education
  6. Government
  7. Health
  8. Home
  9. Kids and Teens
  10. News
  11. Recreation
  12. Regional
  13. Reference
  14. Science
    1. math
    2. chemistry
    3. physics
    4. Social Science
  15. Society

The DrHuang Directory Tree is made up of 15 main subject headings or top-level categories. Every site listed in the Directory is placed somewhere within these 15 main categories. Each major category contains many sub-categories, which organize information from the general to the specific. e.g. Forum is under Internet, Internet is under Computers, Culture is under Society, Economy is under Business, Humanities is under Arts, Media is under News, Home is under Society, Sports is under Recreation, Country is under Regional. Every country is divided into many sub-categories similar to major categories, and contains the same categories under second Directory Tree.

This site also is encyclopedia. The About sub-category under an item is infomation about that item. The About sub-category under a country name is infomation about that country.

There are 2 tabs on left top for related versions: English and Chinese. Chinese version usually only lists Chinese sites. English version usually only lists English sites. If you want to see the related English or Chinese sites, click a folder to highlight, and then click Chinese tab. It is translated to Chinese. If you click on the English tab, it change the folder tree to the English directory, then auto go to the related page. If you click on the Chinese tab, it change the folder tree to the Chinese directory, then auto go to the related page.

You can import the Favorites bookmarks into your Internet Explorer by clicking the File menu, then the Import and Export submenu.

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